Initial Consultation: Free

Pet Sitting: 

  • $20.00 per visit (includes two pets) 
  • Rates above are based on two pets. Additional charges may apply for each additional pet.

    Additional charge may apply for late night visits

    Holidays: add $10.00 per visit (includes all major holidays, Christmas eve after 4pm & New Years eve after 6pm)

    Daily Dog Walk: (Routine weekly walks,  Mid-day, Monday -Friday , 2 days a week minimum)

    • 5 days a week - $16.00 per visit (Up to 2 dogs)
    • Less than 5 days a week - $18.00 per visit (Up to 2 dogs)
    • li>$10.00 additional for Holiday

    Pet Taxi: Within 5 miles of your home (Pick up and drop off only)

    • One-way - $18.00
    • Roundtrip - $35.00
    • Additional per hour fee for waiting

    * Rates and services are subject to change without notice




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